Sunday, January 10, 2010

Newton's Second Law

I learned about Newton's Second Law, which states that if a net force is acting on an object, the object will have an acceleration and the object's velocity will change. Using this law, I learned to setup and solve net force equations. I am able to do this by setting the sum of the forces equal to the mass times the acceleration. I have also learned to make neat, labeled FBDs that help me visualize the situation and set up the net force equations. I have also learned how to calculate friction, or μ, by using the equation Ff=Fnμ.

I have struggled in solving equations with systems when drawing more than FBD is required. Especially with the more complicated ones. I have struggled with setting up the equations and drawing multiple FBDs for these problems.

I feel that I have struggled with my problem solving skills with systems. I do feel like I am getting better though. I have been doing very well with problems with pulleys and Atwood's machine. I also struggle when there is little given information.


  1. Good job! You did a good reflection on issues that you may have with pulley systems. What do you think will help you in overcoming those difficulties?

  2. Great job. You did a real good job describing what we learned in this unit!

  3. Thank you both! I think that really looking over the class notes and having Eric explain to me a few things helped me on the test