Monday, February 1, 2010

My Friction Glog

Physics in the Clutch
This is my glog describing how to solve an equation for the mu of the friction between a golf ball and the green while putting.


  1. This is very well done! I can easily follow your steps into solving the equation/problem and the format is clear and organized.

    One thing that you might think about doing, might be to elaborate or explain why you are using each equation in every step, and also explain the free body diagram that is there. Everything else is very nicely done though.
    Good job! :)

  2. Nice job. Everything is well organized and looks good. I agree with Gillian that further explination of the use of the equations would be nice.


  3. Ryan, though I agree with the comments above, the objective of this project is not just to solve a problem using an equation.
    First of all your project needs to ask a question such like:
    How does friction affect the motion of the ball in the green?
    Your explanation should use various multiple representations but more emphasis should be given to digging deeper into the physics principles.
    As it stands, your project is superficial.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I will make the adjustments to my project. Mrs. Gende, I will address the issues with my project and make it more involved with the principles of physics.

  5. Great to see that you've added more explanations to your project.

    However, I still feel like it would be better if you included the definition and concepts of friction and mu, especially since you use it in the equations, its better to explain what it is, why you have to subtract/add/multiply each value from each..etc. Otherwise, it is just a very nicely solved problem.
    As you mentioned, you want to make your project more involved in the principles of physics so it would help if you added more concepts to explain what you were doing.

    Nevertheless, still a really good job on organization and the visuals. Looks really nice :)

  6. Thank you for the ideas for improvements to my project. I will make all the necessary adjustments to further explain the principles of physics.